Safezone Link Whitepaper

Safezone Link
5 min readNov 17, 2022


What is the Safezone Link?

The knowledge library of the Web 3 space.

The Safezone Link is a safe place in the crypto world. A Web 3 library where you can not only gain but share knowledge too. By observing and learning you will be able to gain value. By sharing your knowledge you will be able to create value. All of this will be positively affecting the true value of the Meltdown NFT.

What is the problem with NFT-s?

See most NFT collections raise money by selling their NFT tokens at a set price and with a promise to create something of further value. On paper this sounds good, but the reality of the matter is that selling NFT-s only works as a launchpad for a company in this context.

After the initial sale of the NFT-s the startup will have a set amount of funds that they will eventually run out of. In order to make it work long term a company has to escape this closed loop of value exchange that is present in the NFT space and they will have to introduce outside sources of value to be part of a larger economy.

The sustainable value exchange loop

With the help of the Safezone Link we will create a platform not only for the Meltdown NFT holders, but for the whole Web 3 space too. This means that we can reach a way broader and bigger audience, thus introduce a larger economy.

Those who want to use the platform to sell their knowledge will have to buy a Meltdown NFT. Those who want access to the whole resource base, will also have to buy an NFT. And those who only want to access something particular will buy that resource seperately.

This means that the amount of resources available will fundamentally increase the real value of the NFT by nature. In addition the volume will be brought in by those who would like to use the platform.

Because of the fact that these resources have real value, it’s gonna be way easier to gauge the actual value that the NFT provides.

Let’s say there are 10x $100, 5x $400 and 3x $600 courses available, you can instantly see what value the NFT holds just from the pure fundamentals itself. Additionally this value continues to grow as there are more and more resources published.

How can a Meltdown NFT holder profit from this?

Passive Holder:

A passive holder can profit from the floor price increase passively. Since the fundamental value of the NFT is evergrowing the perceived value of the token by the market should reflect that.

Semi Active Holder:

A semi active holder will use the available resources to their advantage. Because of this they will be able to trade more safely, might make more money and obtain valuble information in various fields.

Active Holder:

An active holder can create their own course / resources and sell their knowledge to the masses. This will directly generate money for them and will also help add value to the NFT itself.

Who do we expect to share their knowledge in our library?

  • Known NFT Founders, alpha group leaders
  • Designers, artists
  • Crypto and stock traders
  • Web 3 developers, blockchain programmers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • and more…

It wasn’t a coincidence that we have spent so much effort into filtering out who can get in the Safezone… 😉

Our goal is that the NFT holders can truly profit from this system. But for this we need members, who are capable of getting the maximum out of this.

Of course we are not leaving it up solely to outsiders. We are producing content in-house involving experts in various fields, so that we can make sure that there will be a rolodex of useful resources available at any point in time.

How will we get more users for Safezone Link?

There are 4 main categories where we can extract the potential Safezone Link users from:

Free Trial Users:

We will be giving out free trial subscriptions to the service, so people can try it out before they start paying for the subscription. This will a be a great way to bring in new eyes to the platform. We have already establishied connections to dozens of alpha groups and other projects where we can start spreading the message any time.

Paid Subscribers:

We are going to be doing direct marketing methods to gain paid subscribers from the start. This can be done via paid ads on Facebook, Google, YouTube and via influencer marketing. We will also focus on making the website highly SEO optimized to obtain another channel of organic traffic.


The Safezone Link creators will likely have their own audiences where they will be advertising their products that are sold via the Safezone Link platform. Let’s say an NFT influencer creates a course on how to trade NFT-s and they decide to sell it on Safezone Link, they will start advertising to their followers, thus inevitably growing the platform itself.

Meltdown NFT:

The holders of the Meltdown NFT will be a great base userbase for the platform. We will also use the outside community of Meltdown aka the “non-holders” and we will try to convert them into Safezone Link users. Having 80000+ organic followers and tens of thousands of active email subscribers will help with this a lot.

How to get a key into the Safezone?

The key to the Safezone will be holding a Meltdown NFT. Through our token gated Web3 website you will be able to access all resources inside the Safezone Link while holding an NFT. You will also be able to create and sell your own resources to generate revenue.

Another way to get access to the Safezone Link is by manually purchasing the resources found on the platform.